安德鲁·H. Choi ’23, 阿拉斯加n arctic warfare expert

安德鲁·H. Choi ’23 had spent most of his life in Southern 加州, including as an undergraduate at the University of Southern 加州, 在那里,他获得了杰出军事毕业生奖,成为全国预备役军官训练队(ROTC)学员中排名前10%的人之一. But Choi was eager for a serious challenge in his first Army posting, 所以他选择了他所能想象的完全不同的环境:费尔班克斯, 阿拉斯加.

“I’d hardly seen snow until I went up there, 所以我很震惊,”崔说, who over his four years in the Army became an expert in arctic warfare, enduring temperatures that often dipped to 50 degrees below zero. “It was colder than I’d ever imagined it’d be.”

作为专门从事北极战争的两支陆军部队之一的军官, 崔学到了各种深奥而又重要的技能:在极端条件下的基本生存技能, 最不滑雪, cold-weather backpacking. His first assignment was as a rifle and headquarters platoon leader, 他在哪里确保他的44名士兵排做好了战斗准备,能够在短时间内部署. 在被选为营里的排长后, Choi yearned for another challenge and in 2017 volunteered for U.S. Army Ranger school in Ft. 佐治亚州的本宁被认为是军队中最艰难的训练课程之一. 在掌握了领导士兵完成特别困难任务的高级领导技能之后, he returned to Fairbanks. 他被提升为上尉,并成为该营当前行动的负责人,负责管理700人的日常行动.

Credit: Photos courtesy of 安德鲁·崔

Choi’s service coincided with a period during which the U.S. and North Korea were “engaging in hostile discussion, where there was almost an imminent threat of conflict,”他回忆说. 作为最接近朝鲜的部队之一,他和他的士兵准备立即部署. While deployment did not occur, “and obviously nobody wants that to happen,”他说, “the mentality is that you’ll stay ready for it.”

With a strong interest in entrepreneurship, Choi also participated in a project called Hacking 4 Defense, 在那里,他与技术开发人员和阿拉斯加当地领导人合作,整合海浪发电技术,以取代一个沿海城镇的柴油动力基础设施. 在他的业余时间, 他依靠自己的新技能去探索阿拉斯加的偏远地区,包括基奈半岛.

“It’s pretty wild out there, 我可以做一些很酷的事情,比如在冰川间划独木舟,”他说. “Backpacking on top of a glacier itself was pretty incredible.” Choi enjoyed participating in a Fairbanks tradition, 在夏至一天24小时阳光普照的情况下进行15K长跑,观众向正在喝啤酒的参赛者扔啤酒罐. 和, 在一些场合, 他有了目睹北极光的非凡经历. “It was a tremendous experience,”他说.

Since high school, Choi planned on a career in law. “Law seems like a field where you really can make a lot of impact, really champion people that don’t have a voice. I always felt called to that mission,”他说. 然而,他想首先体验一下军事,这也是他加入南加州大学ROTC的原因.

“I always felt compelled to service,”崔说. “我一直都知道自己想上法学院,但我觉得在开始职业生涯之前,我需要一段时间来磨练自己的职业和个人能力. 我觉得当军官能让我在这么小的年纪就有很多机会磨练自己的领导能力, 这是很多刚毕业的人都无法胜任的工作吗.”

本科期间,崔在洛杉矶地区检察官办公室的重案组实习, 然后, 作为一个高级, volunteered with JusticeCorps, a division of AmeriCorps, 在康普顿,他帮助没有律师的低收入人群通过法庭系统, 加州. “我能够直接与客户沟通,真正帮助他们做出改变, 在小范围内, in a lot of people’s lives,”他说. “这是鼓舞人心的.”

After being accepted to HLS, 因为急于开始,崔某没有推迟,而是选择了在线学习. He is spending this semester in Los Angeles, where online classes “are going much better than I anticipated. 我认为澳门星际已经煞费苦心地制定了有效的计划,使远程体验尽可能地好.“教师提供的辅导机会很充足, Student Practice Organizations, and affinity groups—he belongs to the HLS Armed Forces Association, for one—are especially helpful, he says.

“我认为没有什么能取代与同学和教授直接交流和互动的机会,但我认为教授们已经让学生们非常接近自己,”崔说. “总的来说,到目前为止,我并不觉得我的法学院有什么特别的不足.”

While undecided on his career path, Choi is interested in entrepreneurship and working with startups, and he is leading a team in both the Harvard Law Entrepreneurship ProjectRecording Artists Project. 在阿拉斯加的经历之后,他对环境法也很感兴趣. “在北极亲眼目睹了全球变暖的影响之后, seeing how the permafrost is melting and seeing glaciers melt, it’s honestly pretty heartbreaking,”崔说, whose HLS education is partially covered by the GI Bill. “我很愿意参与改变环境法规的现状.”

他还希望自己作为第一代美国人的经历——崔顺实出生在韩国,后来移居美国.S. 作为第一代法学院学生,“将激励其他和我一样背景的人立志进入澳门星际法学院.”